Ballet Barre Workout DVD

´╗┐You may get attracted by the various ballet barre workout dvd on the showcase. And you may have tried to find one you like but finally no achievements was made.

However, as a result of the variety of it, it is always a headache thing for us to choose a good ballet barre workout dvd. But, do not worry, for we have made a list of the best ballet barre workout dvd.

I promise that you won’t get disappointed here. Take your time.

Top Rated Ballet Barre Workout DVD

The Ballet Physique DVD Collection
The Ballet Physique

The Ballet Physique, Colorado’s first independently-owned barre fitness studio, is home to a transformational exercise method that fuses elements of strength training with classical ballet to produce lean, strong, and shapely muscles.

Buying Guides
  • “For reference I’ve done Ballet Beautiful, Physique 57 and Tracy Anderson.” – Tricia
  • “The instructors are great!!” – ccalvert
  • “Every muscle in your body will be used, flexed and sculpted.” – Kim, CVT

AeroSpace NYC: Aero Barre

World’s 1st Ballet/Boxing/Sculpting workout! NY Magazine Best Fitness Class 2010 Original Fat Inscinerating Exercises; Ballet Sculpting Manuvers; Low Impact Cardio ; Body Bar Optional ; Driving Beats; Upper Body Cardio.

Ballet Barre Workout DVD Reviews
  • “I really like this workout video.” – chagirl151
  • “Also, the boxing/ballet combo is just really fun.” – J. Cooper
  • “This is a very intense and challenging workouts I have ( I consider myself a veteran.” – poisonous review’s

Attitude Ballet and Pilates Fusion with Bernadette Giorgi

Bernadette Giorgi presents this DVD workout containing a series of two fun yet challenging classes, designed so anyone can participate with no high impact moves.

Consumer Reports
  • “Bernadette again uses her soft velvet voice to motivate you and gently boot your behind into action.” – Mary Terese Weir
  • “In standing work, Ms. Giorgi will lead you through plies, tendus, grand plies, and ballet foot positions.” – Mini Marshmallow
  • “This workout certainly targets to strengthen, elongate and create that leaner body we all want.” – ShellyD

Tracey Mallett's The Booty Barre Ballet DVD
Tracey Mallett

Review from Jen, owner of the AdvancedWorkouts web site: Ouch! Tracey Mallet’s Booty Barre Ballet is another solid contribution to the highly-effective ballet barre genre.

Burn at the Barre DVD from Pilates Sports Center

A long lean, strong and sexy body is yours with this all-level barre workout. The Pilates Sports Center team comprised of a professional dancer, Certified Pilates Instructors and a Chiropractor, created this amazing workout which will deliver the results you want! Transform your body into a dancer’s physique and notice the results in as little as five workouts! This fabulous workout has driving beats at 128 BPM and is appropriate for all levels.

CoreFlex Fit DVD

CoreFlex Fit is a 60 minute total mind and body workout. It sculpts the body like nothing else. It’s a home version of a ballet barre based workout.

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